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Area Wireless Super Store offers wireless plans through several different carriers allowing you to choose what best fits your needs and budget!

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  • Latest technology
  • Account analysis
  • Device training
  • Information transferred at NO additional cost

From $30 Monthly Access

Customers can enjoy unlimited talk, text and various data plans starting at $30.00 per month.

Get Verizon Device Payment in 3 STEPS

Enjoy the latest devices all on America's largest, most reliabel network. Then upgrade your device when it's right for you, without upgrade fees.

Pick Your Device
Choose the Verizon Edge pricing option once you select a device.


Make Affordable Monthly Payments
The cost of your device is split into 24 monthly installments. You can make an optional down payment to reduce your monthly payment.


Upgrade to the Latest
Once you join Verizon Device Payment, you have the option to get a new device without any upgrade fees.

Area Wireless Verizon Device Payment Plan


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